Do You Prefer the Samsung Galaxy S4 Or the Vivo Y73?


The most advanced smartphone on the market right now is the Vivo Yonder. It has the features you’d expect from a modern smartphone. As with any smartphone, it’s equipped with Windows software. You can use it on your computer and internet as well as it is also compatible with TFT monitors. The Vivo smartphone is a must-have if you own a Windows phone. If you are planning to buy a smartphone, go for the Vivo Yonder because it is the smartphone that you must have. vivo y73

Features The Vivo Y73 has been designed with advanced technology and high-end features. The main camera is equipped with a large Focal Clear Eye lens that gives you crystal clear pictures. The rear camera is also a high resolution unit and comes with a secondary digital LED flash. It’s also compatible with most sim cards that work with major U.S. carrier plans such as AT&T, Verizon, and Samsung. To get the best performance, go for a reliable and top-of-the-line smartphone.

RAM The Vivo Y73 has a 1GB of ram and this is the standard for this smartphone. Even though the unit comes with a large sized screen, it’s still quite small and not comparable to some of the other phones available today. The good thing about the built-in RAM is that it makes up for the lack of extra memory capacity by adding a ton of gigabytes. You’ll be able to easily get plenty of space to store apps, documents and media without worry about running out of memory space. When it comes to the camera setup, there are two cameras namely the Primary camera setup and the insert card camcorder one.

Camera There aren’t many smartphones that come with a built-in camera, but the Y series definitely qualifies. The Vivo Y73 comes with an excellent camera that comes with both portrait and landscape modes. If you’re looking for a good mobile phone with a great camera, this is definitely one of the phones that you should consider. In addition, the front and back cameras are also very good. If you want to take a lot of pictures or videos, you should definitely consider getting one of these phones. The built-in AI Super Night Mode can boost the quality of the image that you capture in the event that there’s low light situation outside your house.

Storage Although the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular handsets available right now, the Vivo Y73 doesn’t really compare. It has less storage compared to the Note 3 which only has 4GB of storage. This is the biggest disadvantage of this smartphone as it lacks any sort of built-in card slot. You have to buy an external flash memory card that can expand the amount of memory that your smartphone has. Apart from this, you also have two different colour options. You can choose from either an grey or black handset.

Despite lacking an adequate amount of storage, the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with an excellent camera setup. The optical zoom on the Samsung device allows you to zoom in real close to the subject in order to get a clear and detailed shot. When taking the shot, you need to be very careful as it can result to some digital zoom problems. The Vivo Y73 does come with a 16mp primary camera but if you want to enjoy better image quality, you can go ahead with the alternative 8GB ram handset.

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